Big Yellow Foot

BigYellowFoot Adventure Team is an organization that brings together enthusiasts of any physical activity. We treat life as one big adventure in search of new challenges and ways to spend time together, so as to remember it as long as possible. Addicted to leave your comfort zone and adrenaline, we take part in the events, which will provide us with unforgettable experiences. The joy of overcoming the next obstacles and achieving goals are a priority of our activity.

Most often we start racing in extreme obstruction (Runmageddon, Mud Max, Survival Race, Hunt Run, Run Marine Commando, Spartan Race, etc.), But not close to any sport and activity.

The Fellowship was established by Gregory Brandt (previously initiator of the project BigYellowFoot), Karolina Szymońską (HR Trainer and promoter Runmageddonu in Gdynia), Katarzyna and Marcin Ziółkowskich, Adriana Mordasiewicz ( and Konrad Rutkowski. The first common launch in the autumn edition of the competition was the Pole in 2015 in the Adventure Park at Kolibki. Since that time, they were organized numerous training sessions in preparation for racing with obstacles throughout the Tri-City. Coaching staff also conducted training promotional ORP “Lightning” and the scene Forest Opera in Sopot. In March 2016 was the first year BigYellowFoot Adventure Camp is the area Kolibki Adventure Park. Team actively participated in the organization of Gdynia editing Runmageddonu (21-22 May). This team brings together more than 60 members and collaborates with various brands of sports industry and organizers of events.

Place and training time:
Workouts cyclical: Runmageddon Outdoor Training. Every Monday, Gdynia, 18:30 + more workouts promotion in the Tri-City and beyond.

successes :
• Mud Max – 19.03: Third place in the team classification
• Biegun 3 – 3.04 7 trophies in 5 categories (first 3 and 4/2 The places)
• Armageddon 16.04 Challenge: Second place in the women’s category
• Gdyński Bieg Na Orientację – 23.04: First place in the men’s category
• Mud Max – 23.04: Third place in the team classification
• Recruit Runmageddon Gdynia – second place in the team classification, the third largest team
• Runmageddon SEA WOD – third place in the men’s category


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