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Big Yellow Foot

BigYellowFoot Adventure Team is an organization that brings together enthusiasts of any physical activity. We treat life as one big adventure in search of new challenges and ways to spend time together, so as to remember it as long as possible. Addicted to leave your comfort zone and adrenaline, we take part in the events, which will provide us with unforgettable experiences. The joy of overcoming the next obstacles and achieving goals are a priority of our activity.

Most often we start racing in extreme obstruction (Runmageddon, Mud Max, Survival Race, Hunt Run, Run Marine Commando, Spartan Race, etc.), But not close to any sport and activity.

The Fellowship was established by Gregory Brandt (previously initiator of the project BigYellowFoot), Karolina Szymońską (HR Trainer and promoter Runmageddonu in Gdynia), Katarzyna and Marcin Ziółkowskich, Adriana Mordasiewicz ( and Konrad Rutkowski. The first common launch in the autumn edition of the competition was the Pole in 2015 in the Adventure Park at Kolibki. Since that time, they were organized numerous training sessions in preparation for racing with obstacles throughout the Tri-City. Coaching staff also conducted training promotional ORP “Lightning” and the scene Forest Opera in Sopot. In March 2016 was the first year BigYellowFoot Adventure Camp is the area Kolibki Adventure Park. Team actively participated in the organization of Gdynia editing Runmageddonu (21-22 May). This team brings together more than 60 members and collaborates with various brands of sports industry and organizers of events.

Place and training time:
Workouts cyclical: Runmageddon Outdoor Training. Every Monday, Gdynia, 18:30 + more workouts promotion in the Tri-City and beyond.

successes :
• Mud Max – 19.03: Third place in the team classification
• Biegun 3 – 3.04 7 trophies in 5 categories (first 3 and 4/2 The places)
• Armageddon 16.04 Challenge: Second place in the women’s category
• Gdyński Bieg Na Orientację – 23.04: First place in the men’s category
• Mud Max – 23.04: Third place in the team classification
• Recruit Runmageddon Gdynia – second place in the team classification, the third largest team
• Runmageddon SEA WOD – third place in the men’s category


Lokalizacja: Trójmiasto
Boot Camp

Boot Camp Polska

Boot Camp Polish Team to you! The participants of our training, supporters and coaches who have individually, and sometimes teaming, compete in various races and sporting events very well while having fun

Place and training time:
Workouts cyclical:

successes :
• Trainer Boot Camp Poland Asia Palka in Run 2013 flags placed second with a time of 44:46 (10 km).
• Asia Palka Trainer Boot Camp Poland and most smiling participant Warsaw Marathon with a time of 3 hours 30 minutes.
• Joanna Palka and Maciej Rek non-stop overcame approx. 180km route containing the stages of cycling, cross country skiing, cross-country skiing and special tasks. After 22 hours and 58 minutes completed the rally classifying the 7th position on the 17 teams and in position 2 as a mixed team.
• Lower San Rally. Extreme rally pedestrian orientation over a distance of 50 km. 1st place in the Open Women category, with more than two-hour lead over the second competitor, won our trainer Joanna Palka.
• Treadmill 2014. 100 kilometers demanding course in the mountains The Carpathians. 3rd place Open Women – Joanna Palka.
• Runmageddon Classic Extreme Obstacle course for a distance of 10 km, organized in Warsaw Służewiec Torah.
2nd place in the category of the largest team for Boot Camp Polish
1st place in Women Warsaw – Magda Szulc
3. place in the category Women Open – Magda Szulc
• Run convict – 2nd place in the category Women Open – Magda Szulc
• Survival Race Warsaw – Municipal steeplechase over a distance of 10 km – 3 women in the top ten
• Spartan Race – 2nd place in the category Women Open – Magda Szulc
• Recruit Runmageddon Warsaw
1st place for the Boot Camp Poland in the category of most numerous Fellowship
3. place in the category Women Open – Magda Szulc
• Runmageddon Classic Sopot
2nd place in the Open Women category – Magda Szulc
6th place in the team category
• Runmageddon Hardcore Warsaw
1st place in the Open Women – Magda Szulc
1st place in the category of Fastest Team
2nd place in the category of World Fellowship
• Winter Run Trail of Extinct Volcanoes
1st place in the Open Women – Magda Szulc
3. place in the category Women Open – Anna Jaster


Lokalizacja: Warszawa
Bozony Higgsa

Bozony Higgsa

Fellowship Higgs boson was established at the beginning of 2015. None of the four founders did not expect that after only a few months, the team will compete in as many as 60-man squad! This was achieved thanks to the positive attitude of runners who take the unusual challenges the principle “first of all, mutual support and good fun.” Friendly atmosphere attracts athletes of all ages, because in races involving even a few years of mini-bosons. There is no person who would not be able to fund the ranks of the Higgs boson, as fun knows no age limits, and the level of training does not play a role. The only condition is the will to fight and a big smile. On the competition issue representation, which is fighting for the best of times, while the rest is held together, and no one on the road is not alone.

Place and training time:
We do not have fixed places and hours of training. If you do not go to the competition, held each weekend in the outdoor workouts in Warsaw or the surrounding area. In recent weeks mainly we practice in Szczęśliwice Park, because it is well connected and at the same time gives a lot of opportunities to train.

successes :
• Runmageddon Ultra Myślenice 05.02.2016 r. / Completed – Bartholomew Waś
• Runmageddon Hardcore Myślenice 02.05.2016 / completed by 18 members of the team / 8 fastest team
• Winter Runmageddon Hardcore 01.24.2016 / 49 place overall on 373 participants – Viktor Gowin / 3 biggest teams / 4 fastest team
• Winter Runmageddon Recruit 01.23.2016 / 2 largest team / 6 fastest team
• League final Runmageddonu 2015/68 and 72 position in the classes. gen. / 400 participants – respectively Viktor Gowin and Bartholomew Waś / 7 fastest team / 2 largest team / Marta Pożarlik – in its place a series of 25, 1 among women
• Runmageddon Recruit 18.07.2015, Warsaw (62 participants) / 66 and 75 position in the general classification at the 2610 participants – Viktor Gowin, Bartholomew Waś
• Runmageddon Classic 05.09.2015, Warsaw / 70 position in class. gen. / 1360 participants – Maciej Szerling

Planned challenges :
• Run Butcher
• Marathon Tiger
• 4 gears obstruction within 24 hours (4.06 Rmg Classic, Run Warsaw night, Night Rmg Recruit, Barbarian Race in Wisła)

Bozony Higgsa

Lokalizacja: Warszawa

Bravehearts Legionowo

A group of amateur sport, created by fans of the sport, with a view to promoting the sports lifestyle with a focus on extreme racing and obstruction. Group organizes regular, free training sessions open to all comers, regardless of the degree of training and training history. Welcomed the young people or children, who can participate in activities with parents and doing workout with less stress and lower volume
The Group also organizes racing in several events per year. These are Runmageddony, beginning from the intro through recruit, classica the hardcore. Two members of the group completed the 2016 Ultra. We start in the Men The experts, Hunt sward 5km and 10km, Katorżniku, Marine commandos, Tiger. We also plan to MudMaxy and Barbarian Race if it is in the autumn.
Group co-organizes its own local running Run4Fun (capacity 300 players), together with the President of Legionowo and the mayor of the municipality Wieliszew. This year the event will be held on May 29 in Krubinie near Wieliszew. Distance +5, + 30 obstacles.

Place and training time:
Every Monday, 20:00, regardless of the weather. Meeting at the Municipal Stadium in Legionowo. Every other workout.
Wednesday: motocross Wednesdays, time 18:30 Home Park shopping street: Running in the forest with a large dose of strength training and functional.

successes :
We run for fun. But few people gearing up for the sharp loss in 2016.


Lokalizacja: Legionowo


“At the beginning of the creation of the whole team we adopted a policy that we will not promote anyone, and we are not going to do this to anyone write.
This is because since we know how much people do not like when their tables at moments appear unwanted posts, especially the people who are watching us is 90% of each of our friends pack, and only a small extent, the people who actually run. So knowing that the more they do not care, do not ever write anything that does not apply to any of us.”


Lokalizacja: Poland
Husaria Race Team

Husaria Race Team

We are a group positively crazy adventurers who decided to test their strength in various types of gear. We are not professionals, each of us is in a different physical form, some are first successes to his credit, while others are just beginning. We have created a speed Hussars Race Team , where the main objective is fun and the joy of shared moments of time actively. Connected to a common passion, we aim to win!
Why Hussars?
We are proud of where we come from. We believe that through systematic trainings and the support of loved ones, we can be invincible!
Join us!
Do you want to appear in the race, but you do not want to run alone? Experience with us unforgettable emotions during the preparation and trips to the cross-country race! We guarantee the care of trainer and physiotherapist! Meet the people like you want to test yourself and feel the support of others and the energy flowing from the common competition!

Just starting to run and want to join a larger team? Periodically we organize joint training and cross-country functional, during which you will learn or udoskonalisz running technique. Meet in a larger group, exchange their knowledge about healthy eating, or your favorite sports. Gain experience and unforgettable memories. Hussars Race Team! It’s more than running!

Place and training time:
Training in Krakow:
– Monday 19.30 Krakow’s Blonie
– Wednesdays 19.30 Krakow’s Blonie
– On Friday at the club CrossFit PT6
– On Saturday at 10.00 in the various locations,
Training in Tarnow:
– On Saturday at 9.00 Park at Sandstone
Trainings in Lublin:
– Thursday 19.00 plate runner gorge LSM
– On Saturday, variable time runner plate gorge LSM
Workouts in Opole:
– Tuesday, 18.00 race (in the course of the determination)
– Thursday 18.00 in the club CrossFit Red Wing

successes :
03.28.2015 r. Second place Spartan Sprint Race Warsaw Open category,
01.08.2015 r. Second place Spartan Race Super Krynica category Open
09.06.2015 r. Second place Spartan Race Beast Tatranska Lomnica Championship category open.
03.10.2015 r. I place Runmageddon Classic Beskidy and the second largest team
01.24.2016 r. I place Runmageddon Hardcore Warsaw and I largest team
02.06.2016 r. I place Spartan Race Super Jakuszyce Open category
03.19.2016 r. I place Mud Max Gniewino
19.03.2016 r. I place Spartan Race Beast Donovaly Open category.
09.04.2016 r. I place Runmageddon Classic and Silesia and the largest team
09.04.2016 r. I place Runmageddon Night Recruit Silesia
04.09.2016 r. I place Spartan Sprint Race Vyszehrad category Open
04.23.2016 r. I place Mud Max Warsaw
04.23.2016 r. I place Spartan Race Sprint Prague Elite category.
05.01.2016 r. I place Runmageddon Recruit Beskidy
05.02.2016 r. I place Runmageddon Hardcore Beskidy and I largest team
02.05.2016 r. I place Runmageddon Ultra Beskidy
05.14.2016 r. I place Runmageddon Classic Poznan

01.24.2016 r. I place Michael Jagielo Runmageddon Hardcore Warsaw / Katarzyna third place Olczak
02.06.2016 r. I place Wojciech Peach open category Spartan Race
19.03.2016 r. I place Karina Kwiecińska Mud Max Gniewino
19.03.2016 r. I place Michael Jagielo category Open Spartan Race Beast
09.04.2016 r. I place Michael Jagielo Runmageddon Classic Silesia / II place Milosz Jarczok
04.09.2016 r. I place Katarzyna Olczak Runmageddon Recruit Night / third place Michael Jagielo
09.04.2016 r. Third place Michael Grzesiak Category Open Spartan Sprint Race Vyszehrad
04.23.2016 r. I place Karina Kwiecińska Mud Max Warsaw / third place Michael Jagielo Mud Max Warsaw
04.23.2016 r. Second place Michał Grzesiak Category Open Spartan Race Prague
01.05.2016 r. I place Artur Surus Runmageddon Recruit Beskidy / II place Przemysław Senderski / III place Wojciech Peach / place Agata Pietroszek / II place Malgorzata Szaruga
02.05.2016 r. I place Michael Jagieła Runmageddon Beskidy Hardcore / II place Przemysław Senderski
02.05.2016 r. Second place Mateusz Tailor Runmageddon Ultra
05.14.2016 r. Second place Przemysław Senderski Runmageddon Classic Poznan
14.05.2016 r. I place Mateusz Tailor Speed ​​Cross Race


Lokalizacja: Kraków, Tarnów, Lublin, Opole


Koniuchy – sports team which was established in January 2015. The first objective of the team was just common training packages friends. Nobody thought that spill over into something like now. Behind us, more than 170 joint training! The number is still growing 🙂

The main objective of the activities of the team today is to show to others, ordinary people, that they too can do something or change something in your life. Group mutual support. Each mitzvah moments of weakness, we are here to help each other with problems. We forge leaders. After the training we guarantee a great physical form and winning mentality. In fact, we are all winners, just everyone starts at a different level. Belief in yourself can work wonders and most have not found 🙂

Racing obstruction trigger positive emotions in people, it is nothing but dealing with problems. Another obstacle to overcome? Cool, I’ll do the trick! Just like in life. You want to join? Write, call us or come to training and hammer the piąteczke;)

Place and training time:

We train regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays in Warsaw at 19.00, on Tuesdays at 19.00 in Piaseczno and Thursdays at 20.00 in Piaseczno. Locations are mobile, observe FP, and the best store to open group:,

On weekends, if there is no competition also occurs to us to train. Info is an open group or FP.

successes :
• Runmageddon Classic Myślenice – 2nd place, team
• Final Runmageddon 2015 – 1st place, team
• Runmageddon Hardcore AON Warsaw – 2nd place, team
• Run Tiger, Orzysz, large barrel 30km – 1st place category mixed pairs, Adrian Piórkowski, Magdalena Szulc
• Runmageddon ULTRA / completed – Adrian Piórkowski, Michael Wasielewski, Andrzej Doromiejczuk
• Promotion World Championship 2016 OCR Canada – Magdalena Szulc


Lokalizacja: Piaseczno, Warszawa