• (Polski) Trener 24h

    (Polski) Trener 24h

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    Lokalizacja: Warszawa
  • (Polski) Algraf Team

    (Polski) Algraf Team

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.
    Lokalizacja: Skwierzyna
  • Big Yellow Foot

    Big Yellow Foot

    BigYellowFoot Adventure Team is an organization that brings together enthusiasts of any physical activity. We treat life as one big…
    Lokalizacja: Trójmiasto
  • Boot Camp Polska

    Boot Camp Polska

    Boot Camp Polish Team to you! The participants of our training, supporters and coaches who have individually, and sometimes teaming,…
    Lokalizacja: Warszawa
  • Bozony Higgsa

    Bozony Higgsa

    Fellowship Higgs boson was established at the beginning of 2015. None of the four founders did not expect that after…
    Lokalizacja: Warszawa
  • Bravehearts Legionowo

    Bravehearts Legionowo

    A group of amateur sport, created by fans of the sport, with a view to promoting the sports lifestyle with…
    Lokalizacja: Legionowo
  • Dzikie Dziki Gorzów

    Dzikie Dziki Gorzów

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    Lokalizacja: Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • Hooah


    "At the beginning of the creation of the whole team we adopted a policy that we will not promote anyone,…
    Lokalizacja: Poland
  • Husaria Race Team

    Husaria Race Team

    We are a group positively crazy adventurers who decided to test their strength in various types of gear. We are…
    Lokalizacja: Kraków, Tarnów, Lublin, Opole
  • Koniuchy


    Koniuchy - sports team which was established in January 2015. The first objective of the team was just common training…
    Lokalizacja: Piaseczno, Warszawa
  • Magiel Running Team

    Magiel Running Team

    The cradle of this team is tiny fitness club located in the building - Crush Fitness . The local trainer…
    Lokalizacja: Poznań
  • Mud Goats

    Mud Goats

    The initiative was established in June 2013 in preparation for the start in the race Tough Mudder in Berlin. Association…
    Lokalizacja: Poznań
  • Power Training

    Power Training

    Power Training is a comprehensive system prepares to take part in extreme races obstruction. The axis of the preparations are…
    Lokalizacja: Warszawa
  • Pure Fire Team

    Pure Fire Team

    Pure Fire Team - cordially invite you to join the team crossfitowo-speed. We are training strength-endurance-functional adapted to the level…
    Lokalizacja: Bytom
  • Socios Górnik

    Socios Górnik

    Run with us people from all over Silesia. Group of people keen on strong sensations, effort and running. Place and…
    Lokalizacja: Śląsk, Zabrze
  • Sparta Sierpc

    Sparta Sierpc

    A group derived from one of the smallest towns in Poland among the teams OCR in our country. Despite this,…
    Lokalizacja: Sierpc