Koniuchy – sports team which was established in January 2015. The first objective of the team was just common training packages friends. Nobody thought that spill over into something like now. Behind us, more than 170 joint training! The number is still growing 🙂

The main objective of the activities of the team today is to show to others, ordinary people, that they too can do something or change something in your life. Group mutual support. Each mitzvah moments of weakness, we are here to help each other with problems. We forge leaders. After the training we guarantee a great physical form and winning mentality. In fact, we are all winners, just everyone starts at a different level. Belief in yourself can work wonders and most have not found 🙂

Racing obstruction trigger positive emotions in people, it is nothing but dealing with problems. Another obstacle to overcome? Cool, I’ll do the trick! Just like in life. You want to join? Write, call us or come to training and hammer the piąteczke;)

Place and training time:

We train regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays in Warsaw at 19.00, on Tuesdays at 19.00 in Piaseczno and Thursdays at 20.00 in Piaseczno. Locations are mobile, observe FP, and the best store to open group:


On weekends, if there is no competition also occurs to us to train. Info is an open group or FP.

successes :
• Runmageddon Classic Myślenice – 2nd place, team
• Final Runmageddon 2015 – 1st place, team
• Runmageddon Hardcore AON Warsaw – 2nd place, team
• Run Tiger, Orzysz, large barrel 30km – 1st place category mixed pairs, Adrian Piórkowski, Magdalena Szulc
• Runmageddon ULTRA / completed – Adrian Piórkowski, Michael Wasielewski, Andrzej Doromiejczuk
• Promotion World Championship 2016 OCR Canada – Magdalena Szulc


Lokalizacja: Piaseczno, Warszawa