Magiel Running Team

Magiel Running Team

The cradle of this team is tiny fitness club located in the building – Crush Fitness . The local trainer Nixon invented himself, he would organize a team in the course of Survival Race in Poznan. Starting from Spring 2014, step by step, customers save the club from roundups until collected a very large team of over 30 people! Most of these people were forcibly pulled out of the comfort zone, but apparently none of them does not want to return to it!

Since 2015, when he debuted in Poznan also Runmageddon, the team totally fell in love with this variety of racing steeplechase. Tri-City? Warsaw? Silesia? Myślenice? Distance is not an obstacle!
The team is from a very close-knit, any activity outside the training also performs in his becoming wider group. Common exit to the swimming pool, ropes course, to the cinema or just for a beer are absolutely certain.

The team is recognizable by the original T-Shirt Designer – on it we find something more than a logo. Each of these madmen has printed its own nickname, and their individual motivational slogan: “Everyone is your biggest obstacle,” “Fit girls look good naked” or “I like Catwalk” is just a drop in the sea of ​​ideas.
Team workouts are completely free and are held in the area. Start with the location of the club-mother on the street Nowowiejskiego 8, then go to the park Citadel, where overpower countless stairs, stairs and hills, test the strength of walls, benches and grasslands, and occasionally check the water temperature or density of the mud.

Alternatively, you can take part in training with Nixon of a functional kondycyjnym at the club, but this is an offer for members Crush Fitness (or holders of different sports cards).

Place and training time:
Trainings open field:
Mondays 19:00 – Running Recruit (for beginners);
Wednesdays at 19:00 – Running Classic (advanced).
Workouts for club Crush Fitness (or holders of different sports cards):
Wednesdays 9:00 – Functional training,
Friday 17:15 – Crush Survival (stronger functional training).

successes :
Third place – the fastest rider series of elite Patrycja Dabrowska in Runmageddon Night Recruit 14/05/2016
Fourth place – the fastest team Runmageddon Night Recruit Poznan 05.14.2016
VI place – the fastest team Survival Race Hero Poznan 27.09.2015
I place – The largest team Runmageddon Classic Poznan 05.14.2016
I place – The largest team Runmageddon Recruit Poznan 07.11.2015
Second place – The largest team Runmageddon Night Recruit Poznan 14.05.2016

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Lokalizacja: Poznań