Mud Goats

Mud Goats

The initiative was established in June 2013 in preparation for the start in the race Tough Mudder in Berlin.

Association Mud Goats was founded in 2014. Since then focuses lovers of challenges and thrills.

Together we train and we start in professions requiring extraordinary efficiency. Mud racing with obstacles, extremely difficult challenges paramilitary road running, cross-country trailowe, triathlony, half marathons, marathons and Ultramarathons. That’s where you can meet people in a shirt with a devil Goat chest.

Since the inception of the group, we organize training indoor, outdoor and cross country skiing. Thanks to constantly improve their fitness, strength, endurance and strength necessary in the difficult starts, which arrives from year to year.

Lovers of what unusual invited to joint training.

Place and training time:

Workouts cyclic Monday 20:30 stride basic training; Thursday 20:30 training speed advance (greater distance and pace); Friday 21:00 workout in the fitness club #osws (short Discover Yourself Stronger version); Saturday 10:00 OCR BOOT CAMP (training preparing for racing with obstacles)
Workouts Mon and Thurs start with Glade Scout, Poznan Malta; training titled Fitness Club Fitness Alfa Stars; Saturday’s start training next restaurant Maltese, Malta Poznan

successes :
Second place as a team in the Mud Max Warsaw

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Lokalizacja: Poznań