Socios Górnik

Run with us people from all over Silesia. Group of people keen on strong sensations, effort and running.

Place and training time:
We run on the heap every Wednesday at 19:00, we have our own route on which we race. We spend a weekend at the competitions or activities crossfitowych.

successes :
Runmageddon Silesia Classic, 06/27/2015 – 8th place;
RunMageddon Myślenice Classic, 10/03/2015 – 4th place;
Final Runmageddon, 25.10.2015 – 6th place;
Runmageddon Silesia Classic, 09/04/2016 – 2nd place;
Runmageddon Silesia Recruit, 04/09/2016 – 5th place;
Spartan Sprint Race in Prague, 04/23/2016 – 32 in the Open at 539 teams.


Lokalizacja: Śląsk, Zabrze